Christopher Baker

Urban Echo (2006 - 2012)

Interactive Urban Screens

Urban Echo is an ongoing series of interactive sound and video installations. The project has appeared in many forms (see below) ranging from intimate outdoor video sculpture to large interactive public Façades. Urban Echo aims to collect and creatively represent the thoughts and imaginings of city-dwellers.

In each installation, participants send their thoughts and questions via SMS and voicemail. The responses are the then projected and added to a dynamic spatialized audio composition.

Urban Echo visuals were been programmed in both Max/MSP/Jitter and Processing. Audio is dynamically composed using MSP. Everything communicates via OSC. Cocoa UltraSMS, MySQL, PHP and a little Java enable Voice and Text Messages.



Custom Software




  • J. Anthony Allen (Composer)
  • Laura Baker (Landscape Architect)

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