Christopher Baker

S.C.A.R.F (2016)

Wearable Collaborative Photogrammetry

S.C.A.R.F. is an ongoing interdisciplinary research project that critically explores the new patterns of social interaction and civic engagement generated by the rise of passive wearable sensing technologies. In particular, we explore the ways that the physical forms affect public perception of sensing technology, the ways that sensors worn by multiple agents can be aggregated, and the ways that artificial intelligence and computational photography can be combined to analyze our sensor data. Our first set of portable working prototypes consists of four varied scarf designs, each containing eight embedded cameras capable of simultaneous image capture. Our research team is currently developing computational techniques to aggregate and analyze the sensor data to create 4-dimensional video representations of public spaces.



Custom Software, Custom Hardware, Custom Wearables




  • Sasha de Koninck (Research Assistant)
  • Brannon Dorsey (Research Assistant)
  • Jenna Boyles (Research Assistant)
  • Amanda Ling Yamasaki (Research Assistant)
  • Chris Martin (Research Assistant)

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