Christopher Baker

Artists using SMS

21 August 2006

As preparation for some upcoming projects that employ SMS as a mode of interaction, I looked around for other artists who have used SMS technology. Here is a short list. Know of any others? These categories are very loose.

Some background on SMS.

A huge collection of projects can be found HERE.

Public Expression

  • TXTual healing, Paul Notzold

    A lovely SMS to thought-bubble on public facade project.

  • SMS Matrix, Delft, EE

    A large 3D LED display will display incoming SMSes

  • Smoke Signals, A Minimaforms Project

    SMSes from participants are projected onto a cloud of smoke. A website presents both SMS numbers and an online submission box. A queue of messages is available for users to see.

  • Tool For Armchair Activists, Troika

    An device that will read SMSes in public places.

  • SMS Guerrilla Projector, Troika

    A portable SMS projector.

  • Speaker’s Corner, Jaap De Jonge, et al.

    A public LED display presenting a SMS/Web text submission/collaboration context.

  • Story Board, Stefhan Caddick

    A public, mobile storyboard that will display SMS messages. Employed Gnokii.

  • Avete qualcosa da dire? , Andreas Gysin

The artists asks “what do you have to say?”. Participants answer via text message. Results are displayed on LED screens across Switzerland within minutes.

Collaborative Creation

Control/Access Objects

  • hugms, Mark Argo

    A tangible media device that allows you to send hugs via SMS.

  • <a href=”</a></a>, Mark Argo

    A LED display that is activated by SMS activity.

  • White Snoflakes, Polka Product Pleasure

    White snowflakes in the street are illuminated by SMSes.

  • Flickr Peep Show, @ Mediamatic 2005

    Tags are sent to an installation that will reveal images from the flickr database.

  • Accessory Nerve, Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz, et al.

    A wearable device that responds to SMS

  • Cellwish, Yu-Chen Chiu (邱于真), Kuan Huang(黄宽)

    A text message based 3D public video installation. People can send their good wish via SMS of cellphone and share the good karma with the other people in the public space.

  • Budapest Heat, Aether Architecture

    A sculpture transforms itself in response to weather report SMSes from Budapest.

  • Fete Mobile, Fete Mobile

    A large networked blimp is accessible via SMS.

  • Oribotics, Matthew Gardiner

    An interactive installation/sculpture that responds to SMSes from participants.

  • Call A ball, S. Grünert, K. Hüsig & J. Pönisch

    City kiosks that allow people to communicate and organize ball-games via SMS.

  • TXTSound, Paul Notzold

    An SMS 2 Sound converter utilizing Max/MSP/Jitter.

Group Coordination via SMS

SMS Java, Processing, etc Socio-technological imagination?