Christopher Baker

20/20 Talk at AIGA Conference 2007

11 October 2007

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I’m at the AIGA Design Conference in Denver this weekend. Tonight I will be sharing my 60 second vision of what is coming “Next”. Simply put, I think it will be Architecturally-integrated urban screens.

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Daytime FaçadePlanning and SketchesInstallation, Projector StitchingDirectFaçadeThrough a Window

Here are links to projects referenced in the talk.

Urban Echo (Past Iterations, Other Facades, etc) by Christopher Baker, J. Anthony Allen and Laura Baker

Duality by ART+COM

de Pong Gameâ„¢ by BNJMNâ„¢ GAULON

Light Sculptures by ANTIVJ

Interactive Architecture by Graffiti Research Lab

Augmented Sculpture v 1.0 by Pablo Valbuena

Kunsthuas Graz by Realities:United Architects

TXTual Healing by Paul Notzold

Pixile by ENESS

Here are some links to my other recent projects …

Every Toy


Patent Database Visualization

Hvad hører du nu? Urban Echo in København American Toys in I.D. Magazine