Christopher Baker


Love Anticipated

■ make soundcloud responsive

■ add specs (duration, etc)

Movement Studies

■ Update description to be more specific.

American Toys

■ Replace interactive map with a leaflet map.

Hello World! or: How I Learned to Stop Listening and Love the Noise

■ Get immersive Saatchi shots from Google Photos.

Murmur Study

■ credit for 11741166_837098013041998_2961193817099751595_o.jpg

Waste Not

■ get links for Covanta, et

■ add support section

Coke Zero Hero

■ Update description to be more specific.

Urban Echo

■ fix date_start / date_end problems.

Picture Sky

■ get documentation of an installation.


■ get photos

Embroidered Touch

■ Get photos