Christopher Baker

Yawn Chorus (2016)

An Orchestra of Yawns

Yawn Chorus is an interactive yawning orchestra. We’ve created an Artificial Intelligence that can identify yawns. It’s able to recognize them during, or even before the yawn strikes. As yawns are contagious for humans (and actually many animals), our AI can trigger chain reactions of yawns by capturing and releasing yawns. Guests are invited to sit, lay, relax and listen to our AI sing melodies constructed purely out of the yawns of guests. As the festival progresses, the computer will learn more and more how to identify yawns. It will become smarter in predicting and also evoking them. While our AI captures more yawns, it is actually capturing more “instruments” for its orchestra. Watch as our AI musician moves from a 1 computer band, to a thousand strong orchestra of yawns.



Custom Software, Custom Hardware


Variable. Typical 60 ft x 12 ft


  • Alex Rothera
  • Christopher G. Thompson
  • Shek Po Kwan


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